Faye & John Richardson

AKC Judges - Bulldogs

BCA Hall of Fame Breeders

    My name is Faye Richardson; I live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. My husband, John and I are both AKC Judges (Bulldogs) and BCA Breeder Judges. We breed show quality English bulldogs and have great stud dogs. I am currently Chairman of the Board for the Bulldog Club of Indiana and have been involved with the club since 1997. My first bulldog, Dozer, was loved dearly. He was a happy bulldog who loved to go for walks but could never make it around the block. I made the mistake of buying him from a breeder who breeds for quantity not quality. But I've loved the breed all of my life and soon realized I needed to know more about taking care of my bulldogs. So I joined the Bulldog Club of Indiana and it was the best thing I have ever done.

    At the first meeting I attended they were having a puppy match and I was encouraged to take my dog in the ring. They told me it would be fun and they were right. At that moment, my life was changed forever. I loved it and I was hooked. I soon figured out that my beautiful pet was not a show quality bulldog but that was okay, as I wasn't looking for a show dog when I acquired him. I lost him tragically and way too soon. When I got over the loss I decided my next bulldog would be of show quality. So the search began in Indiana and beyond.

    It is not easy to get a good show bulldog - most breeders are not going to sell you the pick of the litter puppy, with good reason. But sometimes you do get lucky and it turns out to be the pick of the litter. You need to buy the best bulldog bitch or dog you can. From there do your homework and learn about the bulldog breed. By joining your local club, you will find mentors and friends. I don't know were I would be without my mentor. She has taught me so many things that I hope to pass on. She taught me that you need to know what you are looking to accomplish with the breed.

    I don't want people to go through what I did, so I strive to breed and show only sound, happy, loving bulldogs with good temperaments. I work hard to learn more about the breed by constantly reading and listening to old timers. I enjoy showing my own bulldogs and they enjoy being shown. It took about a full year to select my next bulldog. I finished Ch. Empires Cleopatra in less than a year. She is the foundation bitch for my kennel name EMPIRE BULLDOGS.

    Everything I have done since has made me aware that it is very important to do your homework, be a responsible breeder, and breed for health first with show in mind. When you place your bulldog puppies take time to interview the potential buyer so that your hard work will fill their life with love and pride. Then you have accomplished something you can be proud of.

We fell strongly that with limited breeding you can produce the best bulldogs ever. We prove this with limited breeding we have produced the #1 Bulldog of All-Time, CH. Cherokee Legend Rock. Another example is the #1 dog in Philippines was from our limited breeding program,CH. Cherokee Legend Alexander.  GCH. Empires Prince Marcus is a Hall of Fame producer and was a top 10 bulldog in USA for 3 years straight and the 7th AKC Grand Champion ever. We are also the breeder/owner/handler of  GCH Empires Empress Isabella the BOS Winner at the 2011 BCA Nationals. My stud dogs prove it as well with CH. Cherokee Legend Big and Rich the #1 dog in Brazil and multiple BISS winners here in the USA. Once again it's the quality that counts, not the quantity, so if you can get excellent quality with limited breeding then your helping the breed.

    My goal is to better the bulldog breed and teach along the way. As you can see I am passionate about the breed. I have four passions in my life, my husband, my two boys and my Bullies. Enough about me - take a look around and let me know what you think, email me and check in to see my new litters from time to time. And keep your eyes peeled for my little Empire's Gladiators in a ring near you!